School Spirit: “Bring ‘Em In”

Friday Night Football is filled with the sounds of school spirit — from the marching band to the cheerleaders to the roar of the crowd — communities echo with cheers from lit fields across the nation every Friday night.

One school in Tennessee created a unique sound to celebrate their school’s 2012 season.

Beech High School in Hendersonville, Tennessee, went undefeated last year and took home the 2012 5A Football Championship. A group of students, the Cold Cut Homies, created, produced and performed an original rap, “Bring ‘Em In,”  about the football team’s successful season. The video was showcased during the opening of the Beech High School broadcast of last week’s game versus Mt. Juliet High School.

To watch the video, click here.

All the performers in the video were students, including (in order of appearance):

Donnell Hathaway, junior,  football player, number 26.

Sam Lindsey, junior, football player, number 91.

Quint Collins, junior, football player, number 59.

Treston Wright, junior, football player, number 3.

Josh Landrith, junior, member of the school marching band.

The beat and recording were produced by Jeremy Brown, a Beech High School graduate. The video was conceptualized by the students with the help of fellow Beech High School senior Dakota Diel who also shot and edited the video. The school allowed the students access to school facilities to create the video.

The result is a unique expression of one school’s spirit. And we dare you not to get it stuck in your head!

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