Gymnastics State Meet on Friday

Female gymnasts in the Peach State will vie for state titles this Friday at the 2014 Georgia High School Association (GHSA) Gymnastics State Championship at The Westminster Schools in Atlanta.  Competition will begin at 7:00 p.m.  The State Preliminary Meet was held April 26 at Dunwoody High School.  The top 12 individuals, all-arounds and top six teams from that meet advance to the state finals. Following are the results of the State Preliminary Meet:

Team results

1) Buford – 110.55 points

2) Carrollton – 108.925


From past GHSA Gymnastics State Championships

3) Lambert – 108.075

4) Westminster – 105.625

5) Milton – 105.175

6) Forsyth Central – 104.925

                                                                     Individual Top Fives


1) Sydney Goad (Newnan) – 9.550

2) Emily Perkins (Bainbridge) – 9.50

3) Katie Stuart (Lambert) – 9.400

Tie 4) Elizabeth McMullan (Jefferson) – 9.250

Tie 4) Kyndel Yett (Carrollton) – 9.250


Tie 1) Katie Stuart (Lambert) – 9.550

Tie 1) Sydney Goad (Newnan) – 9.550

Tie 3) Tierra Acoff (Camden County) – 9.400

Tie 3) Maecie Winter (Forsyth Central) – 9.400

Tie 3) Logan Nugent (Buford) – 9.400


D3S_6472 %281%29

From past GHSA Gymnastics State Championships

Tie 1) Logan Nugent (Buford) – 9.625

Tie 1) Sarah Dyer (Westminster) – 9.625

3) Kelly Aycock (Locust Grove) – 9.525

Tie 4) Emilly Perkins (Bainbridge) – 9.500

Tie 4) Tierra Acoff (Camden County) – 9.500


1) Sarah Dyer (Westminster) – 9.80

2) Sydney Goad (Newnan) – 9.60

3) Katie Stuart (Lambert) – 9.550

Tie 4) Kelly Aycock (Locust Grove) – 9.500

Tie 4) Berkley Berrett (Buford) – 9.500


1) Katie Stuart (Lambert) – 37.975

2) Kelly Aycock (Locust Grove) – 37.825

3) Sydney Goad (Newnan) – 37.70

4) Emily Perkins (Bainbridge) – 37.325

5) Logan Nugent (Buford) – 36.875

Three teams that placed in the top six at the 2013 GHSA state gymnastics meet will seek strong showings again in 2014.

Having won the 2013 state championship, Lambert hopes to defend its title.  Buford placed fourth last year, while Newnan was fifth.

Among the gymnasts in this year’s tournament, five of them placed in the following positions last year:

Sydney Goad (Newnan) – placed second in the vault, tied for the third in the floor, and third in the Individual All-Around

Katie Stuart (Lambert) – placed tied for third in the vault, first in the bar, second in the floor, and second in Individual All-Around

Logan Nugent (Buford) – placed fourth in the vault, third in the floor, and fourth in the Individual All-Around

Emily Perkins (Bainbridge) – placed fifth in the bar

Elizabeth McMullan (Jefferson) – placed fourth in the bar

Administering the GHSA state gymnastics meet this year and in previous years has been a group of exemplary individuals.

Cassandra Watkins of Dunwoody High School hosted this year’s Preliminary Meet with the new format of minimum scores, while Jill Melito of Lovett School previously hosted it for 10 years. Including this year’s state meet, Sandi Penn of Westminster School has hosted the event 12 years. Heading up the effort is state meet coordinator Dr. Lucia Norwood.

Norwood retired from her duties as athletic coordinator of the DeKalb County (Georgia) School System in 2003 after an exemplary 38-year career.  After winning five state championships as a gymnastics coach, Norwood concentrated on administrative duties.

Shown above is Dr. Lucia Norwood

Shown above is Dr. Lucia Norwood

At the state level, Norwood served on the Georgia Athletic Directors Association (GADA) Board of Directors and was president in 1994, the first woman in history to serve in that position.  Norwood has been GADA executive director, a member of the GHSA Executive Committee, and serves as chair of the Gymnastics and Sportsmanship Subcommittees.

At the national level, Norwood served on the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) Board of Directors; and received the NIAAA State Award of Merit (twice), the NFHS Citation, and the NIAAA Thomas E. Frederick Award of Excellence.  She was inducted into the inaugural class (2009) of the NIAAA Hall of Fame.

“We developed a brand-new system with the tournament this year in which schools need to have a minimum score of 96 to advance to the preliminary meet,” Norwood began.  “Before, you’d have so many teams that it would go on for days.  This formerly was a three-day event – it was like a marathon.  As a result, some of the teams had very little time for execution.  Now that we’ve made this transition from three sessions to two sessions, everybody likes it – including the coaches and the judges.”

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