Alaska First to Begin 2014 Football Season

The NFHS Network will kick off its live coverage of the 2014-15 high school football season this weekend in Alaska with the first regular season games to be played anywhere in the United States.  The season begins earlier in Alaska due to the extreme weather conditions that begin as early as October.

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School of the Week: Westwood High School

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I was so tripped up on tryptophan that we are a bit behind in recognizing last week’s School of the Week. Hopefully you saw Westwood High School in Blythewood, S.C., featured on the NFHS Network home page.

The program advisor, Lynn Washington, was also traveling last week, but was nice enough to take a moment to share a little bit more about their program. Westwood is a new high school, opening just last year. The School Broadcast Program had their first broadcast in November of 2012 and streams sports in addition to special events and a daily morning news show, The Red Hot Report.

“PlayOn (NFHS Network) has given the students so many opportunities and experiences,” Lynn said. “We have grown in many ways this year and really think our program has as well.”

The School Broadcast Program is part of Westwood’s news and sports broadcasting class and has about 25 students participating. They stream and post the morning news show each day and also post it on the school blog.


“A great story is last year we were broadcasting a boys basketball game and we also tweet – we got one from the high school rep for ESPN that said  that he did not who was the girl broadcasting but he would hire her for ESPN in the future.”

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You can follow Westwood High School’s School Broadcast Program at @RedHawkTV.

“Nothing but Green Grass and Opportunity” for Matt Colburn, Dutch Fork HS, SC

Dutch Fork High School and Dorman High School in South Carolina came into their game with each other last Friday night undefeated. The game did not disappoint. Amidst the highlights was junior Dutch Fork running back Matt Colburn who accounted for 410 all-purpose yards – 286 of them rushing – and 5 touchdowns. Dutch Fork narrowly defeated Dorman with a final score of 42-39.

Matt Colburn said after the game, “I just react on instinct. I try to run physical. Football is a physical sport. I like getting low and I have that extra confidence through strength and conditioning.”

The highlights speak for themselves.

Tune in to the NFHS Network Friday night to see more game changing performances LIVE from football games around the country.

The NFHS Network Presents Huddle Up

Welcome to the NFHS Network’s blog, Huddle Up!

The NFHS Network is already your source to watch comprehensive coverage of boys and girls high school sports and activities. Now we are bring you more in-depth content about the high school sports you love.

The goal of Huddle Up is to tell you the stories behind the games. We will bring you a sampling of content each week including:

  • Features on the legends of high school sports
  • Going inside the huddle with today’s coaches, players and schools
  • Trivia, photos and highlights
  • Games to Watch
  • Record breaking performances
  • A Mail Bag to answer your questions about records, sports, history and more!

Join the Huddle Up community by sharing what you like, commenting on what interests you and letting us know what kinds of stories you’d like to know more about.

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